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Are yours torch pigs respawning ?

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So I have a world and slash all the torch pigs with the hope that after a few days the will respawn. So after more than 20 days. Torch pigs have not respawned haha.

I have to mention that I put some walls around the torch so I can keep them within the wall radius.

And also submited a bug report  but at this point I dont know if have move some feature from the world customization settings and this is why pig torch are not respawning or the walls are preventing them from spawning again. My wall is a big square around the torch btw.

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10 hours ago, Mx-Pain said:

My spanglish sucks hahaha. Is not even a word. Probably the bug still going and not fixed.

DaZoul se refiere a que las antorchas, los totem, no respawnean. Lo único que respawnean son los pig guards si el tótem no fue destruido.

Vamos que si destruiste las antorchas olvídate pero si tienes antorchas pero los cerdos no es respawneando entonces deberías de reportar el bug en la sección de bug tracker del foro 

Edir: aquí te dejo link del bug tracker pero antes de reportar ningún bug asegúrate de que no lo está provocando un mod


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