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[H/W] Costume Collection skins (1:1, 1:x)


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Looking for:

  • Catty costume (set or tophat)
  • Macabre Birdcage (I'm offering more than just 1 distinguished for this; contact me or post here and we can work this out)

Out of date - see post below:




On offer - sets:
(1:1 preferred)

  • Wilson Pig Guard
  • Willowfly
  • Voltbottom (Wickerbottom Volt-goat)
  • Rookiebot (WX-78 Rook)
  • Gekko Nona
  • Warrat (Warly Carrat)
  • Wesdrake

On offer - body only:
(I'm also accepting other/future heirloom distinguished in exchange - shadow/rose bodies, etc.)

  • Wigfrid's Deerclops
  • Webber's Batilisk
  • Wolfgang's MacTusk

On offer - head only:

  • Willowfly
  • Buzzy boy (Walter Bee)
  • Gekko Nona
  • Warly (Warrat)
  • Maxwell (Krampwell)
  • Woodguard
  • Wurt




(Apologies if you've already sent an offer and it was declined - the inventories are in flux. Don't hesitate to make another offer, especially if you're primarily wanting a skin I have - as mentioned above, I am open to trading one duplicate for another. Have a nice day! ;) )

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Thanks to all the fellow DST players who traded - the character costumes are complete :) 

With that, I'm ceasing updates to OP with inventory status. But I'll be keeping the remaining duplicates around for a while - feel free to hop into the inventory and check for duplicates.

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Unfortunately, I can't help you with that, but I had the same situation. I was looking for ak-47 The Empress, but I couldn't get it at all, and all my friends didn't have it. I even asked people on forums for this skin, but nobody could help me. Luckily, I found the website where I found many skins for ak-47 csgo, and it was really the best day of my life.

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