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Can Antlion Sandspikes be Treated as Neutral Targets?

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While fighting Antlion, it can sometimes be difficult to focus attacks on Antlion once it gets surrounded by sand spikes. They are treated as a hostile mob by the player targeting system and once acquired it is hard to retarget Antlion. With Wanda's Alarming Clock I've resorted to attacking by clicking with the mouse button because the attack button does not work if there are any sand spikes closer to the character.

Can we make sandspikes neutral targets that would only be targeted with a force attack?

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It would be great if players could adjust list of entities targeted by regular and force attack separately.

For example, I would like to include in regular attack list butterflies instead of using force attack to attack them (latter leads to me attacking walls and so on) and exclude from both regular and force attack lists sea weeds (which I don't want to attack under any circumstances, and if I happen to really need that, clicking with mouse while holding attack button is always an option (right now it works that way with glommer and chester)). Also this can potentially improve Fuelweaver fight (force attack for Fuelweaver, regular attack for woven shadows and shadow hands), fights during frog rain/near forest ponds (by excluding frogs from one of the mentioned attack lists and attacking other nearby mobs with corresponding attack).

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