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Something Slightly Frustrating about Skins - Suggestion to change it

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This is my wurt with the Hallowed Nights Seasonal event version of the toadstool skin. Notice how the hands and legs are that of wurt's body item for the skin.


While this is my wurt with the actual, weavable toadstool skin on. Notice how the hands and legs are that of what an unskinned wurt would look like, rather than the body item.


but when I equip the actual body item, not only does my body skin disappear regrettably, but also the pants item does as well. I really wish it wasn't this way, I have to choose between having clothing or having definition on the torso of my character.

this is something i wouldn't mind, but the hallowed nights events skin clearly shows that it is technically possible to have body the corresponding head item's set while still being able to equip some body and pants item. Similar things happen for wormwood's saladmander skin, and many many other odd skins.

Can something change about this? Can i maybe like, if i have a whole skinset for a character, choose to show that underneath whatever clothing i choose? Like the hallowed nights events skin lets me? Pretty please?

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That skin appears to be bugged apparently. 



35 minutes ago, Dr. Safety said:

I wonder how hard it would be to give the seasonal full-body cosmetic to players as an ensemble set, so they have the option...

Wouldnt be that hard tbf, considering thats technically it already is, just that youre forced to wear all the pieces. 


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The event only skin gives you the full body complete set, if you remove any other top or bottom piece you'll have the full outfit with only the head equipped, while the heirloom and weaveable pieces are separate in head/body/hand/legs/feet, you can find the other pieces in their respectively categories.
That is so you can still wear the full set piece by only equipping the head of the character during the event.

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