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Overlay missing Liquefiable

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Recently you guys added things to the overlay materials view.  Thanks for that.

But you're missing Liquefiable.   Often times, I'm trying to hunt for the ICE and Polluted ICE and snow to remove/clean up.

Would help if you can add that as an overlay.



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Also...request for Gas pressure overview

Some "pressure/weight" overview per dugout tile for gas would be handy - Then one can see where there is a lot of "air pressure" and where is not. This would make it easy to see for the entire map where its "low air pressure" and where is "high air pressure". I am missing this since years.

What I mean...

image.png.24ecfa756d2ad2030b1ea8652da50af4.png Low air pressure ( Gas pressure )

image.png.76685be8feb8eb4908fbc097aa522dda.png High air pressure ( Gas pressure )

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