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Solid nuclear waste tiles forming over beeta hives

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Hello. I've entered the biome at the bottom of the planet that I teleported to, which has many beeta hives and lots of uranium. I've figured out that you need to enclose the beeta hives in their own little room for them to work best, and have done that with all the hives and succeeded in forming new hives from beetiny creatures. But now I have encountering solid nuclear waste natural tiles forming over top of the beeta hives shutting them down, and having to dig them up. Anybody know how to stop this from happening? Do I need robominers?


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Dying beetas turn into drops of solid nuclear waste. Mesh tiles will allow the drops to pass through.

Once the drop hits a solid tile, it will turn into liquid. Then it can freeze, usually into item, but in some rare cases (save+load?) it can turn into a whole solid tile despite not having enough mass for it.

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