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My first dst fanart

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So after i post this in the wrong place cuz apparently i cant notice the basics about makin my  own thread lets give it a[nother]  shot

 my duo's birthday was yesterday  so i decided to made this,

im not used to draw often, did it in paintool SAI

pros pls enligth me with tips cuz im thinkin about drawin more in the future


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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

What's the background? IT looks interesting.

thats the neat part, i have no idea

i mean all my draws i do it first on paper then i take a picture to start lineworkin in Paintool SAI so then i can start paintin but in this one when i select a layer to do it  has a lot of paper texture and i get confuse but i love the way it looks and let it like that lmao 

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