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Custom Rocket Animation

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Sure it's a bit complicated tho:

Here we have a "clock". It's a timer sensor with a counter in advanced mode that counts to two.  Each green pulse that this clock fires is used as signals for almost all the components.  The timer sensor is defined with .1 and .1 (to fire a green pulse every once every .2s).  The signal counter for the clock makes sure the green signal doesn't last .1s

The next part of the diagram is the random number generator.  Taking in the clock signal, each signal counter is set to a different relative prime number.  In this case, 2,7,5,9 that will generate a somewhat random number of green signals.  Each of those are set to a corresponding bit writer 

The next part is the trickle down effect (below).  It uses a 4-bit memory here technique to store / set the value above.  This takes the most amount of space to completely fill out the pixel packs.  I have 20 pixel packs tall, and this requires 4 wide, so it becomes very unwiedly.

Lastly for the top is the takeoff signal.  This is green once the rocket is launched and it has a feedback loop to make the random number bits to stay on.  This is using the same technique as the 4-bit memory above, and this causes the pixels to slowly go back to the green/on state and stay there.



The last part is the numeric display:

This part is a bit of a mess, but it really boils down to hard coded series of bits to make each of the images for the count down.  Those are then processed via a signal selector that uses the same clock mechanism (in the center) with two additional sequence counters to drive the signal selectors. That collection of timers/sequence counters and signal selectors drives the display to do 0-4
In the top right the signals to the pixel packs can be overridden with some or gates to make them all "appear on".  This is useful when the countdown should not be displayed.  The Top and gates, atmo sensor, and sequence counter is general rocket automation to determine when to trigger the rocket and start the animations. 

There's one more sequence counter to the left of the pixel pack that drives the countdown  It's connected to the rocket ready to launch signal. Once green, the gantry retracts, the countdown starts, and the "Launch Rocket" signal is set to Red.  This allows us to keep the dupe hostage until the countdown finishes at which poi nt the "Launch Rocket" signal will go back to green.

The other junk in the top left is the hard coded bit array.  A few or's, etc to just condense the signals being sent to the signal selectors.

Here's a save copy for deeper referenceThe Unstoppable Beyond Cycle 51.sav

Hope this helps!

Also, I'm currently working on some mods to make this a lot better and not require so much space to accomplish the same thing.

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