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AETN for deep frozen food

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So I played a bit in sandbox, finding a way to have deep frozen food, auto delivery in the mess hall and auto delivery in the kitchen.

What do you guys think? I usually don't do complicated setups I just do whatever it works till late game. I just want to find a nice usage for AETN.

The automation is like that. I send ingredients in the kitchen if the fridge is not full and a cycle timer in the morning for 15% till dupes do their morning thing. The mess hall fridge is set on 5kg and I have a 5% cycle automation in the middle of the day, this gives enough time for the food sitting on the tile and get deep frozen and the end of the day the fridge is full. Power taken is 3 solar panels, I tried with 1 but batteries got empty.

The AETN stops taking hydrogen once the ethanol is reaching -20C, I also reduced the pockets to 20 grams.

I think in a real playthrought this is a realistic setup if I plan to have the kitchen and mess hall right next to the AETN for the second planetoid. 

Everything is made from lead since this planetoid has plenty and also the ethanol is found naturally

Is this overcomplicated? is it gonna fail?

Edit: Ok first problem is that the entire food gets circulated, I am gonna need to see how I am gonna stop that.










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After vacuum nerf I completely switched to berry sludge. In my view it is a very efficient choice. Until some "frocks" starts complaining that berry sludge is overpowered.

Except the resin tree which gets all the other food but then the food does not need to be stored...


Regarding your method I guess it is a waste of AETN. As it is one of not too many devices that take away heat effectively (turbine/aqua tuner is annoying as hell when you built too many of them). I had a setup with AETN running at full speed chilling the base and then I have another adjacent room for storage where using a simple system of three doors to keep required temperature (same way you regulate oil boiler temperature, etc.).

The fridge was in the room in CO2 or the food can be even on the floor as it had deep frozen status and the canteen was a floor above, so dupes just take the food from the storage under their feet.

As simple as it is... Just move the fridge close to the food drop point and dupes do not need to go down. They can reach the food easily from the canteen floor. It was an early setup - I removed fridges as they do not have any usage in this setup. The food on the floor right by the ladder.



I would not worry if some amount of food gets rotten - if you over produce than it is not a big deal. This rotten food will be converted into dirt or sand which is needed anyway so it is no wasted.

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Here is a compact kitchen with infinite storage for both food and ingredients. Left arm loads cookers and fridge, right arm stores cooked food. The chlorinated tile is maintained by a thermo regulator, but you can definitely jerry rig something with hydrogen + a wheezewort if you want.




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