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New written Playthroughs and Guides, now available on Reddit

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Hey guys :)

I've seen amazing ONI content on Youtube and the like, but I never saw as much organized written content as I would have liked.

I decided to try and fill that niche, and have been putting out 2 series on Reddit. They are both based on Spaced Out, but most topics discussed are applicable to both the DLC as well as Vanilla games.


^ A screenshot from one of my latest guides above.

1) The Stormfather's guide to the Galaxy - A playthrough style series, where I summarize my gameplay in detailed but crisp posts with detailed screenshots. I try to explain both what I do and why I do it. The link to all episodes released so far is given below.


2) Academy Not Included - A topic-Based guide series, where I pick up a single topic or build and break it down. The guides are rated as per their difficulty level and I link 'Prerequisites' in case the guide needs any prior knowledge to be understood. The link to all episodes released so far is given below.


Both series are updated regularly. I plan to upload these guides on Steam as well, but for now I'm looking to gauge response and get feedback. I've seen a very positive response so far, But I'd love to hear from more players.

Hope you find the guides useful! Follow me on Reddit if you like the work and want to stay updated.

Until next time

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@Stormfather  <<2) Academy Not Included - A topic-Based guide series>>  I mentioned that I've got hundreds of hours in but left shortly after the base game left Beta.  Any chance you might do a guide on battery flippers / switchers that still work in the new game and DLC?  My old standby doesn't work, and the one I found from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2154398396image.png.202ddb6f4396e6e92f9dcc3e0364838c.png that seemed to have the new graphics so I thought newer but can't get that to work either?   

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