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Could minimap turfs get better resolution?

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Okay so today I just wanted to suggest an upgrade of the minimap as I finally got "problems" related to it and I quite ignore the reason(s) why it is still like this in the game as I've seen in the past it was possible to display them properly. Would that have a noticeable issue on game performances ? World size ?
I'm curious, but maybe the limitations today are gone and it would be a nice time to un-ugly the minimap turfs as they originally look pretty.

For readers, this is how good some turfs really look like :


In-game comparison :


I really just realised how problematic this is as we were redoing some map arts with friends for modded turfs and... well too many of the details are getting scrapped and just the colour really remain and often get altered to a yellow-y filter who isn't especially pretty.

Here's what we tried :

unknown.png - > mini.png.21e5ae3509e0eb2f53a68552a6c34901.png (badly scaled on the screenshot but you get the idea), not very recognisable, right ?

So after some change and exaggerating colours we bypassed that but the result is still mediocre because of pixel-y limits, and I fear at some points from mods and game additions the turfs on map will looks too similar, straight up bad or miscoloured.

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