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wont wash thier hands

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I have tested with a liquid valve to see if water flows and it does. I tried with a showerbut then other dups comes and takes shower and not the one that i want to. I have rebuild the sink but the dup with slimlung on self still runs past it without washing there hands. Does "sopping wet" make it so the dont wash there hands? Anyone got an idea what to do? or does move to make it so they dont wash there hands? Send help plz.

Edit: The criminal went from storagebin to where he is now on first pic.




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For what it's worth, having slimelung on the dupes has no impact whatsoever.  Slimelung is only an issue if the dupes breath it.  They can be covered in it head to toe and so long as their air supply is clean then they won't get sick :)

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