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I have 10 Mod ideas for you all to enjoy.

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Number 1. Wind and Blizzard Mod

Yes, I'm sure there is already some sort of mod that has this mechanic in it somewhere, but I'm talking about a separate mod altogether. It's just simply adding winds from SW to DST for some extra challenge. 

Number 2. Boulder Chipping Mod

Boulders just chip away like Glaciers or Coral from SW (In six hits form a pickaxe and drops remain the same) It's not an incredible change but it's better than boulders just exploding into rocks after being hit a certain amount of times. Just for detail.

Number 3. Deep rock biome 

When I first played Don't starve, I thought that there was a dangerous biome with Dangling depth Dwellers, Bats, and lava lakes all around the place. to my surprise, it was actually in fact never added. So let's change that. The "Deep rock biome" a biome with Dangling depth dwellers, bats, Magma pools, and Stalagmites could be cool I guess... it would be a great detour for new players searching for the ruins.

Number 4. "Lantern Fruits" or "Mush lanterns" Mod

This is my favorite. Just like the Deep rock biome, this was inspired by the game's "Carving out cave" loader, which had both the Deep rock biome in it, and a Bunny-man walking past a Cave banana tree with a weird mushroom thing on it of which we never saw in game. This item would spawn in any biome that has mushroom trees. The tree can be picked to to get an item that works just like a regular lantern, but with a quick spoilage rate so the closer the Lantern fruit, or Mush lantern is to spoiling, the smaller the light radius will get. until you have to pick a new one. Great for early game cave exploration, and comes in Red, Blue, and Green variants.


^Inspiration for the "Deep rock biome" (Left) and "Mush-lantern/Lantern-Fruit" (Right)^


Number 5. Dummy Thicc Beefalo Mod

Nah, this one was a joke.


Number 6. The Super Swampy Swamp Mod

This one would make the swamp EXTRA Swampy. The Marsh biome gets flooded in spring, making the swamp harder to travel through. The player would get slower and be up to they're knees in swamp water, making the player wetter and slower, and tentacles harder to detect. But Wurt is immune to these effects though, don't you worry. Also, this doesn't effect structures in the water, so basing in the Marsh would be Difficult, but not impossible.

Number 7. Bunny Puff drops from Winter coat Bunnies Mod

That's it really, Simple.

Number 8. S H A D E

Objects have a more realistic shadow sizes under them, as well as trees having a better fitting shade spot under them, and dead ones having no shade spot at all. also, you could also take shade under large mobs like beefalo and giants. (for whatever reason you want to do that).

Number 9. Super stealthy bushes Mod

Bush hats look exactly like normal bushes, and don't even reveal the players name when examined. This could lead to some flawless trolling, and even serve well in some PVP scenarios.

Number 10. Character Expressions Mod

This is either the best or worst idea in Don't starve history. Characters would show emotion in certain situations. Example 1: Wilson is within the sanity aura of Deerclops. As the sanity drains, Wilson shows fear towards the Deerclops by expressing an emotion on his face, this isn't like Emoting or anything, this is just on his face while running in terror from the Clops. (also activated by the sanity drain of ANY mob with a negative sanity aura) And if the player is safe and high on all stats, they will display some sort of happy emotion, or at least they're original emotion. This has multiple possibilities for different situations but if i tried to explain them all, you'd be here all day.


So that's all 10 of my Mod ideas for you to enjoy, if you are actually interested in any of these. I don't need or want to be paid for these, you don't need my permission to use these, they're just some ideas I came up with to help out, and it'd be rewarding enough to see any of them be used. Feel free to use them.

If someone has thought of these before, it wouldn't exactly surprise me, so no need to tell me.

I hope you got inspired by one of these.

Have a good day!





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