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  1. I changed it to remove the Weapon tag instead, removing Equippable still made it useable until unequipped, but since I want the weapon to regain uses, it'd be pointless if it doesn't regain the Weapon tag.
  2. It didn't crash, but there's two hitches, one of which is my own fault. Characters without the tag needed say they can't pick up the weapon and don't, but characters with the tag can pick it up, yet say they can't. When the weapon runs out of uses and isn't told to remove itself, I thought it wouldn't be usable. I was wrong, the numbers dip into the negatives and I keep swinging it like nothing's wrong.
  3. I want to make a weapon that is only usable by characters with certain tags (like how only Woody can pick up Lucy) and regains a "use" of durability after a certain amount of time. I'm sure I can do everything else on my own. I just need to figure those two things out.
  4. I want a character to gain a tiny bit of sanity from caves. I've looked through other characters that do something similar for reference, but they all seem to rely on changing sanity rates for all the other times of the day, and I just want to change the sanity rate in caves only.
  5. I have a vampire character that heals upon killing anything. But the game crashes if she kills a fish, I'm guessing it's because she gains 20% of the target's HP and the fishes have no HP, so the game goes belly-up. Anyway to make sure fishes aren't counted? This is the vampire heal code: local function vampire_heal(inst, data) local victim = data.victim if not inst.components.health:IsDead() then local total_health = victim.components.health:GetMaxWithPenalty() inst.components.health:DoDelta(total_health * .2) end end
  6. It was already gone. But then I figured to verify my files. That seems to have worked.
  7. My game keeps crashing on the mods screen. I looked into the client log and saw the line [00:12:28]: Did not find the ugc handle in the cache. This is likely because you're subscribed to a non-existent file 538882876 How do I deal with this?
  8. I meant to see how the tags work. I want to see the details. The code behind the tags.
  9. Where do I find the tags in the games files? I've been wanting to look into them, but never found them.
  10. I don't think what I'm doing is possible at all. What I wanna do is have a character have a different skin once revived, that'll reset to the normal skin once quitting the game and then rejoining. Once I force a revive, the ghost part disappears and then when the animation's done, it's the normal skin that's there.