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  1. Re-Gorge-itated mod

    She becomes a pig.
  2. I've had help getting a character that gives a sanity aura based on how sane they are that can become an insanity aura. I want to add something to make the character take on a different skin and speech file while having the insanity aura so that other players can know at a glance that the insanity aura is active, and to either stay away or to help the character restore sanity. And when the insanity aura becomes a sanity aura again, the character's skin and speech goes back to normal. I assumed it'd be as simple as inputing a skinner code in the code into the sanity aura code elseif currentSanity > .5 then return TUNING.SANITYAURA_SMALL and inst.components.skinner:SetSkinMode("normal_skin", "character") elseif currentSanity > .33 then return -TUNING.SANITYAURA_SMALL and inst.components.skinner:SetSkinMode("insane_skin", "character_insane") elseif currentSanity > .16 then but it doesn't work. Either I'm missing something, or I'm going about it all wrong.
  3. Re-Gorge-itated mod

    Would modded characters be compatible like in Forged Forge?
  4. I want to say yes. I'm not exactly sure, still new to this. Is it the files in the anim zip folder? Do I fix the problem by copy and pasting those files from the template and into the mod's? And would this tool help move sprites? The character I'm working on has a wide grin, so the default cheek placement looks off when eating.
  5. In a previous character mod, I shifted the hair sprite to the far back since it's originally between the torso and head. Now I'm working on a new one, and can't get the hair sprite to go back to normal. Since I've asked that question, my character won't even show up now...
  6. I'm having trouble with layers, will this help?
  7. Modded Skins (API)

    Would this also work with speech scripts? I'm taking a shot in the dark as I say all this, could one be able to make a speech script along side the original (Say that the original is "speech_disguy" and the skin speech is "speech_disguy_formal") and under that CurrentModdedSkin thing, you specify to use "speech_disguy_formal" instead of "speech_disguy"?
  8. Modded Skins (API)

    A thought occurred to me, any highly skilled modders out there, think it's possible to change stats and perks based on the skin being used?
  9. Modded Skins (API)

    Can you make a video tutorial? I've read it over, and still feel kinda confused...
  10. Custom starting weapon

    So it ain't looked down upon to peek at the coding of other mods?
  11. I've recently made a character mod, but I wanna add an unbreakable custom weapon that the character starts with. But I have no idea how to make a weapon, make it unbreakable, and make it be in the character's inventory. I'm not asking for someone to tell me everything, just a point and a push in the right direction.