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  1. I SURE have a very bad history with putting the words "Hamlet" and "Don't Starve Together" in the same sentence, BUUUT, I've done some hard thinking and I got it... SO my idea is Quickly porting Hamlet to DST as an event. Like the Forge. NOW HEAR ME OUT this could be financially beneficial. Now I'm talking skins, DLC characters, and a LOT of spools to weave em, y'know what I'm sayin? So to just quickly port Hamlet at low cost, and use it to not only promote a new DLC character (Perhaps Wilba) but to also make more skins and get that profit rising. I have the company's best interests in mind here people. But I'm still yet to get the bravery to advise any new play mechanics for the event, that's for you to decide. If you think its a good idea that is... I'm very well prepared to listen to community complaints now, Let em rip guys!
  2. I once downloaded an absolutely wonderful mod known as "Meme language" that mod then got me thinking... "What if i could make custom lines and quotes to tailor my don't starve experience!" I need some help, I've looked over all the tutorials and all that, But I just wanna be right there in the script, rewriting some character quotes.