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  1. Turns out characters I make crash when going into caves, never noticed since I tend to not play with caves. There isn't even a report, I'm yanked to the desktop. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Crash when entering caves

    Why do I get the feeling that it's because of spotty internet connection...?
  3. Crash when entering caves

    You'll need the Skins API so the game doesn't crash from that. PVZCactus.zip
  4. Crash when entering caves

    It's the one from the Caves cluster. server_log.txt
  5. Crash when entering caves

    Dunno, I was by myself. But it wouldn't surprise me if it did, since I'm hosting it. client_log.txt
  6. Crash when entering caves

    I found them, they're both the same, but it keeps crashing...
  7. Crash when entering caves

    This is the first I've heard of that, how do I even check it?
  8. Crash when entering caves

    Nevermind, it was dedicated.
  9. Crash when entering caves

    I just start the game with caves I suppose. Can't find an option for dedicated servers.
  10. Crash when entering caves

    What do you mean? Are you asking Local or Friends/Public?
  11. Crash when entering caves

    I don't think that's the case, I paranoidingly double, triple check things and use the find feature in Notepad to make sure every instance of the name is spelled exactly the same.
  12. How does one make it so that a character would already know how to craft things? Like tier-based (Knowing everything you get from the Science Machine, Hat Machine, ect.) or tab based (Knowing everything under the Food tab, War tab, ect.)?
  13. Character already knowing things

    It works just fine, thanks!
  14. How do I program a character to do things faster? Things like crafting, chopping, picking, mining, ect.?
  15. Hyperactive actions

    Actually, the beaver tag worked like a charm. Thanks for the help, David!
  16. Hyperactive actions

    I'm still at a loss on what to do. All I now know is that "dolongaction" calls for that animation where they crouch and wave their arms around. But to be honest, I think I have a hunch now...
  17. Hyperactive actions

    I found this inst:AddComponent("worker") inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.CHOP, 4) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.MINE, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.DIG, .334) inst.components.worker:SetAction(ACTIONS.HAMMER, .25) But it only seems to kick in when Woodie is a beaver, so it isn't working for my character.
  18. Hyperactive actions

    Yeah, I want his actions to be like, x1.5 or x2 faster than normal
  19. The title's pretty self explanatory, what do I need in the projectile's prefab script for it to despawn after hitting something?
  20. That did it! That was the one thing that was keeping me from uploading it to the Steam Workshop! Thanks!
  21. Still nothing... Maybe something in the coding is contradicting it? cactusspine.lua
  22. I've posted a question here about giving a character I'm working on a crit rate. Someone responded, asking if I wanted the crits to apply to the character, the character when using ranged weapons, or to a custom item I want to give to my character. I asked about it applying to ranged weapons and the custom item, figuring that the two values would stack and encourage players to craft and use it. But it's been a month and I haven't gotten a response. I might as well ask again. Oh, and I also need to know how to make it impossible and to guarantee the crits for testing.
  23. Asking about crits again

    Still stumped... You're onto something with using Wigfrid's code, but I still have no idea what I'm doing...
  24. That's the weird thing, it's already there. local function onhit(inst, attacker, target) local impactfx = SpawnPrefab("impact") if impactfx ~= nil then local follower = impactfx.entity:AddFollower() follower:FollowSymbol(target.GUID, target.components.combat.hiteffectsymbol, 0, 0, 0) if attacker ~= nil then impactfx:FacePoint(attacker.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end end inst:Remove() end Should I put the mod here to get a better look at it? I've already done everything but this.
  25. Random Crits

    Now that I'm finished with the Chomper, I've moved onto the PvZ Cactus. Since she's the plant team's sniper in Garden Warfare, I feel that a good way to simulate headshots is by giving her random critical hits. Again, I have no idea how to do this, can I get some help? Also, can you tell me how to program it to always and never get crits to make sure it's working?