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I just got here, so this had probly been discussed before, so, sorry, but....


I've heard that dst will NEVER have crossplay - why not?

I ask because my girlfriend has a medical condition which prevents her from using anything other than mobile devices, so I am buying her a switch. I wish we could play DST but me and my other friends I play with are all using steam.

I am most likely going to resort to getting her a handheld PC (they are neat but MUCH more expensive than a Switch).

I do think crossplay would hold a lot of appeal for a lot of people, however. If the pocket pc was not an option, this would have cost you a sale. I'm wondering how many more pass on this game due to not being able to play it with friends (which is the whole point).

I understand that crossplay is not easy to implement, judging by how long the feature has been in development limbo for Spelunky 2, as another example. But I do question: is it THAT difficult, to be worth missing out on all those potential sales?

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Klei has not ever one time stated cross play will never ever happen, in fact- they’ve gone on record saying that it was their long-term goal of where they wanted to see DS going.

With that said: There are a lot of obstacles in the way that would have to be looked into and addressed, from console limitations, to the difference between KB & Mouse play Vs Controller play, to language translation features & servers. If it’s ever going to happen Klei will let us know when that time comes- Until then remain hopeful my friends we can all someday not starve together regardless of the platform we choose to play on! :) 

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