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Celery's Doodle Collection

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Hello I decided to make this so I can place my silly artwork in a nice spot. Recently got into the game this year, it is very evil(goodevil).

I like to make all the balloons just to hit the creepers



Fortnite Jonesy here and Sheldon perhaps the strongest pairing to date


Based on a true story, one greatest betrayals and longest argument.


One the most controversial updates to date



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ooh the last one is based on this crazy ticktok i saw with this guy playing some vr game and he was trying to shoot this npc but he  just couldnt do it and ended up hitting him with a pan and then sticking loads of balloons on him making the npc float away

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AH I  didn't draw that family guy drawing, Fullmetalferret drew that one up.

Oh and the willow and wilson drawing was something sort of inspired by the dynamic that pinky and the brain have. It was one of those spontaneous fast drawings.

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