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The light in the dark

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I'm sorry but I need to take a break. I'm having a hard time and I need to rest. In the last few days I was forcing myself to draw and... that's not the point of making a webtoon. I WILL come back but idk when. I will need to rest for a week, or two. Or longer. But I'll try to not make this longer than a month. Wish me luck

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I'm back, I guess... I mean, I'm gonna keep posting the pages of the story but twice a week from now until my life will become more...stable. I wish I could post more but pages take me more time now because I'm adding more details and more panels.

I hope somebody will keep reading even after my small break :grin:.

Also, I'd like to say something for people who like to make theories. My fan webtoon has many important details. It's not like every pixel is planned but the level (of details) is still high. From the very begining :). 

The light in the dark #61.png

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 The next day they came back home safely and yes, that's it(idk how to end it in different way, and I'm not gonna draw panels because that's not worth it). That's how this adventure ends. But it only lets the even cazier one to start soon... An adventure that  gives the reader a thril... (teehee)

 Also Wilton's mom was so happy that someone took care of her son so she made the stranger a cheese cake! (and sent Wilton to give it)


James Bucket would be proud XD



after story 1.png

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I wasn't feeling good lately so I couldn't post earlier. Here's a drawing of Wilotn, Cathy and Henry doing homework with a help of the new friend. By those drawings I want to show that they became a little closer to each other. In alpha version of the story there was a chapter about it but then I realised it doesn't make sense in the lore I made so had to delete it. From now I'm going back to panels :grin:

after story 2.png

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