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Early-game water filter

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Just a little thing that popped into my head, I had thought of a building that one could get with researches in filtration, a building that would let dupes manually filter polluted water bottles into clean water bottles. It's rather simple, it would have the same purpose and functionality of the Water Sieve, but it would have to be manually supplied with bottles of polluted water and sand to work and would filter that water at a rate of 600 kg/cycle (which is 5 times less than a Water Sieve).

It would be IMO a good building for early games and for beginners, because it is a simple to use building.

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IMO t feels like the water sieve is already pretty straightforward to use. Doesn`t use too much power to be an issue earlygame and piping is something beginners need to get the hang of eventually. Maybe for the swamp starts in the dlc where polluted water is alll over the place and hard to contain for beginners this sort of machine would be useful.

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