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A few things I'd love to see

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Here's a list of some ideas my ideas (that may or may not be too farfetched) that I think would be cool for this update:

Smaller and Armored Boats

Pretty self-explanatory, a half-sized boat for half the price for those narrow spaces (specially now that oars are great), and an armored boat to last longer and perhaps be a little slower since it's armored and all. (I did hear about a Driftwood boat that never made it, so maybe something like that?)

Attach a rope to your boat

Take your entire boat base along for a ride instead of being limited to just one boat. Maybe even attach the rope to your boat and another heavy object instead of just taking other boats with you? The more boats or heavy objects you have attached to your boat, the slower you'll go for obvious reasons.

More types of mega-sized trees

Why only have Above-Average Trunks when you can have Above-Average Birchnuts for example? Would be pretty cool for decoration and pretty much fixes the problem of no canopy where there's no water that everyone's been complaining about. Like seriously, who wouldn't want a big, scary Totally Normal Tree on their backyard for Hallowed Nights?

Terraform not only the land but also the sea

Create more land or more sea with tools of ultimate construction (or destruction if you want that all ocean world as well). A Portal Paraphernalia-like item to allow you to mark a spot where you want your new land to go, then you just dump all of the rocks you'll need to create that new land. And maybe make the Strident Trident more useful than to make music and destroy sea stacks, and allow it to destroy land as well (because who even uses Strident Trident anyways? Make it more destructive and musical (if destruction is music to your ears, that is), I say!). 

Rideable and Tameable Grass Gators

Now look, I don't want it to be able to completely replace boats, I think the boats are awesome now and they're mostly fine as is, but I think Grass Gators should be mostly used for tiny lakes and such. In the Waterlogged biome they roam pretty shallow sea so they should really only be allowed to walk in Coastal Ocean and the Waterlogged biome when riding. Also obviously they're gonna buck you at some point so that's where the smaller boats and rope-attached boats come in, take your boat for a ride with your Grass Gator and when bucked off, you fall into the boat instead of the sea acting like a life vest of sorts. Might as well go all the way too and make them shaveable, so we don't need to be murdering so many innocent Grass Gators.


Anyways, thank you for coming into the longest wall of text I've ever made.

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16 minutes ago, SomebodyRandom said:

Create more land or more sea with tools of ultimate construction (or destruction if you want that all ocean world as well)

yeah id like to give an all ocean world a try (leaving the lunar island in tact ideally)

16 minutes ago, SomebodyRandom said:

Rideable and Tameable Grass Gators

it probably wont happen but id love to see this

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