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Moon glass shovel | Moonrock hammer

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This was suggested many times by other users (there is even mods with those) but i feel like it wouldnt hurt to repeat it since the celestial tab feels so empty (we have 2 new moon material not used outside of the wagstaff experiment...)

Glass shovel: It lets you dig cacti, reeds and other plants that a regular shovel cant dig. Should be avaraible after CC fight, building more than 1 altar or needing infused glass for balance reasons (not allowing players being able to replant certain plants since 1st autumn)

Moonrock hammer: just a hammer with a lot of durability made of moonrock. Maybe it can also destroy things with less hits to work faster. It could have little more damage than a spear but with more stunlock effect just to make it more interesting if being a superior hammer isnt enough and adding a new viable weapon that has an effect instead of just raw damage. Add moonglems to the recipe so it ended being a thor like hammer with electric damage, stunlock, more uses as tool than as weapon

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I've been waiting for the Glass Shovel far too long.

In general, I hope we get more Celestial recipes that are only accessible via the upgraded Celestial Orb (so you'd need to defeat the Celestial Champion, which generally takes a few years).

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