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Not to overcomplicate it, I'd like a Radlamp. A lamp that could be charged up with radbolts and would emit radiation over time to mutate plants or grow mutated plants. Have a setting to specify the output radiation. I'm not a big fan of trying to stack plants up around a research reactor, I'd much rather keep things nice and organized and move the radbolts where I want them.

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This would be a nice and clean way to do it. Just needs to be balanced in a way you can`t make more radbolts than it consumes without stacking like 10 radbolt makers around the lamp (which is excessive in terms of power).

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Great idea @Tiru - Next to "normal" sized rad lamps it would also be nice to have a monumental rad lamp search light, to be able to send light signals and to call batman extraterestrial life.

The Total RAD mega search and signal light


Needs to be filled with 500 radbolts for booting up + permanent supply of 8000 Watt power. Also needs carbon rod replacements every now and then, in order to function.

The user wished automation galaxy connector, from asteroid to asteroid, could actually be optical ( or via microwaves ).

image.png.b8cd151b47c8ea6b579f848cc9848064.png babba base in 2023

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