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Can't find a specific mod in my game files

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I wanted to see Geometric Drops' code to se how it does something but I can't find it in my game files for some reason... If I go to the mod's Steam Workshop page, I can see it's ID is 2431691504, but there's no folder named "workshop-2431691504" in my "Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods" folder. Can the mod be somewhere else?

I noticed Geometric Placement isn't there as well.

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This is due to the Steamworks API change DST updated to.

ISteamRemoteStorage was sort of wherever, but the 'new' API from ISteamUGC stores it in a more uniform way and manages things differently with how it handles updates.


It's now split with legacy mods being where you're looking at, and new mods from the new uploader being put in:


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