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nurse spiders and other spiders shouldn't be able to agro on each other

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If nurse spiders agro with any other spiders, it creates a really weird scenario. The nurse spiders keep healing all parties involved and cause a never-ending fight. Blowing the spider whistle only pacifies befriended spiders, and not the spiders attacking your befriended spiders so it doen't stop the fight. I think the best solution would be to make it so nurse spiders refuse to agro on other spiders. And spiders refuse to agro on nurse spiders. But there are other possible solutions to this issue, too.

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The best solution would be to put a debuff on Nurse Spider healing that prevents healing by another Nurse within a few seconds (8-10 would be where I'd start). This would really only matter when a pile of Nurses are on top of each other, such as when a Webber is cheesing a boss or to Spider Queens are fighting. Because you're right: Spider wars can go on for days now and it's horrible.

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