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Long loading of the rocket with oxygen

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23 minutes ago, Simonova said:

That's the sum of it, though you can speed it up with additional rocket gas loaders (which is a nice touch for anyone who wants to optimize rapid loading and unloading).

This. I never go for anything below 2 loaders for oxygen.

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5 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

There`s no need to fill it fully though. Just set it to 300 kg and it should be enough for a short trip. The full capacity is for harvesting gas via the drillcone.

Depends, a dupe needs 60 kg/cycle. So sure, if you're sending a single dupe on a short trip, that 300kg will last 5 cycles + whatever is inside the spacefarer module.

If you send 3 dupes and want to land and start building some sort of colony, the full 3600kg will only last 20 cycles, including traveling back and forth. That may leave you with only 10-15 cycles on the planet do do some work, depending on how far you go of course.

Basically, plan your trip ahead and load up whatever amount of O2 that makes sense for you. There is always the option to use more O2 loaders if it is not fast enough for you :-)

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