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Dyeing station (for floorings and more)

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Most players decorate their bases with carpeted, wooden or checkered flooring. These floorings had the same colors since the original DS days. To spice up the base decoration process i propose making a dedicated dye station for them. As the name suggests it will be able to make dyes which will then be applied to different floorings.
Now i would like to talk about how I think it might work:
image.png.93a135ddf434b9997ba8e1c2f84cad57.png This station might have the same interface as the crock pot but instead of making food out of different materials it would create a dye with a resulting color. Materials themselves would have different color values: for example 1 honey = 1 yellow value and etc. This way players would be able to make different combinations of colors.
This whole idea might sound very similar to Mushlight color mixing but I think mushrooms or mushroom spores would be a perfect resource for this because they correspond to the main colors of Red, Green and Blue.

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kinda interesting its like makin your own skins in a way but way limit it to only floors? im sure there could be a way to paint your ice box in a way too alsol i soupose there sould alsol a way to remove the paint of an item so just so if your not happy whit something you could remove it oh alsol the main colors are not red green blue its actual red blue and yellow because the 3 main colors you cant get if you mix colors and you get green if you mix blue and yellow but yes an interesting idea for sure

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