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Bearger first autumn

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5 minutes ago, Well-met said:

That's great but I don't know where to start in all this mess. I can't even understand the code

local function CanSpawnBearger()
  return TheWorld.state.isautumn and
    TheWorld.state.cycles > TUNING.NO_BOSS_TIME and
    _numSpawned < _numToSpawn and
    (_lastBeargerKillDay == nil or TheWorld.state.cycles - _lastBeargerKillDay > TUNING.NO_BOSS_TIME)

If the season is autumn and the number of days passed 'cycles' is more than NO_BOSS_TIME (value 26 as per tuning.lua) and the internal counters to stop duplicates are fine and if the last time bearger died (if it did die) is more than 26 days then it'll spawn.

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