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Can anyone explain what the lore has actually been at this point?

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I'm trying to explain the lore in Don't Starve to a friend, but the reality is that all I understand is: 


1. Maxwell was a magician and Charlie was his assistant? 

2. Wagstaff seems to be involved with the coming and going from the Constant? 

3. That's basically it. 


Are Hamlet and Shipwrecked part of the same narrative arc? Like do we do "Adventure Mode" and then at some point we end up in "Shipwrecked" where we escape but end up back in the Constant except now it's Hamlet? What are the known relations between the characters? Does anyone know each other from the real world besides Maxwell and Charlie? Do Wagstaff and Wilson know each other? What's going on!? I realized how little I know. T_T

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