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  1. Having literally never heard of any of these issues, I have a couple of questions. What does "public server" mean (or "Klei Owned") in this context? Why do people seem to think that if they've behaved poorly before they should be treated the same as people who haven't when it comes to community resources? Why are people who've been kicked from a server that doesn't want them there acting like they can't go join a different one? Why is it assumed that all servers that are whatever "public" (or "Klei Owned") means supposed to be "I can do what I want and you shouldn't be able to say anything about that? I didn't get a chance to raise my opinion in the thread about that mod and I'm not clear about stuff. The way I've always seen it is that the person who actually creates, customizes, and launches, the world is essentially "the owner." Whether it's "public" or not, as far as I knew, was whether or not that owner was willing to play with strangers. However strangers they already know and don't want around, I don't see why they should be forced to deal with that. As for a "report griefing thing to me seems like a good idea, but at the same time I'd think Klei would need to handle it internally if that's how it's going to go. For example maybe only have a list of things that the person might have done, and if Klei can look into the logs and see they did that, temp-ban for whatever they feel is reasonable. That said, is there an "ignore" option? Like if I made a server public, is it possible for me to, if I got griefed, add a persons name to some list when I make a server that says "but I won't play with that person?" If you make such a list unsharable (so it's a personal ignore), and lock and remove threads from the forums (and the discord) that specifically try to aggregate them, I don't see anything wrong with that.
  2. Perhaps I read it wrong, but it had appeared as though the complaint was that by the time you get to the point (naturally) that you are killing the CK, it's not all that useful a reward. Which I think is a valid complaint if that was the complaint.
  3. Just because you can doesn't mean it makes sense from a progression stand point. You can rush the ruins and have the Star Caller's Staff in Autumn of Year 1. Does that mean that the rest of the game should be balanced around that fact? There should be a progression plan in place for everything, even if some of it is "lateral." If you've been playing for a long time then, yeah, nothing is "late game" to you really. That doesn't mean that "early game" and "late game" shouldn't be a consideration as an experience. Things that require dealing with some pretty big game mechanics, as a rule, should not be an expected progression path in the early game. That's like saying you can rush Krampus in your first Autumn, hit up the ruins for all the gems, and therefore there isn't a single thing in the game that's "late game." If you know how to do those things, sure, that's vaguely true. I know how to rush Ocarina of Time and get things way faster than the game is designed for; that doesn't make those things early game/mid game, it just means I've spent far too much time learning how to bridge "late game" and "I don't feel like waiting."
  4. So there are no in game options for doing so anymore? I understand commands, but I meant like an actual "option menu" level thing. The internet implies it was an option at one point.
  5. I'm trying to make a server that is *just* caves, no overworld. I found a comment on reddit by a fairly respected DST redditor (KCDA?) that said to select "caves only" but that was in 2019. I scoured the settings and perhaps I'm dumb, but is there no setting to make caves only anymore? I found notes on the wiki from 2016 saying that if multi-level worlds are disabled you could host a cave or forest only world. Has this changed? Some help would be appreciated.
  6. I'm trying to explain the lore in Don't Starve to a friend, but the reality is that all I understand is: 1. Maxwell was a magician and Charlie was his assistant? 2. Wagstaff seems to be involved with the coming and going from the Constant? 3. That's basically it. Are Hamlet and Shipwrecked part of the same narrative arc? Like do we do "Adventure Mode" and then at some point we end up in "Shipwrecked" where we escape but end up back in the Constant except now it's Hamlet? What are the known relations between the characters? Does anyone know each other from the real world besides Maxwell and Charlie? Do Wagstaff and Wilson know each other? What's going on!? I realized how little I know. T_T