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[solved] prismatic moon caller icon missing from inventory?

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Hello, I just noticed a weird thing: I remember the radiant star caller staff was the first skin I got as a twitch drop, and if I'm not mistaken it came with 2 icons: star caller staff icon and moon caller staff icon. By browsing my klei rewards page, however, I noticed that I don't have the prismatic moon caller staff icon anymore (not sure for what reason. I seem to remember that when the radiant star caller/prismatic moon caller staff skin was added to the klei rewards, there was only one icon, that of the star caller staff, and the moon caller staff icon was added only later. I am not completely sure about this, though, and I'm not sure if the later addition of this skin to the klei rewards could have caused me to lose it). I checked in-game, and indeed I don't have it, not even as a skin of a different rarity. What could have happened that removed it from my inventory?

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