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Best Soundtrack  

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  1. 1. What Griftlands soundtrack do you think is the Best?

    • Sal Negotiation (Day)
    • Sal Negotiation (Night)
    • Sal Battle
    • Sal Boss fight
    • Rook Negotiation (Day)
    • Rook Negotiation (Night)
    • Rook Battle
    • Rook Boss Fight
    • Smith Negotiation (Day)
    • Smith Negotiation (Night)
    • Smith Battle
    • Smith Boss Fight

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Oh man. I'm torn between Sal/Rook's boss theme and Rook's Daytime negotiation. Sal's boss theme sounds like you're in a truly dire situation, Rook's matches so well with Arint's desperation attack, and his negotiation trackĀ is now my go-to mental soundtrack for any tense dialogue scene (accompanied by coin flip).

Kashio/Oolo's themes and Smith battle would come in a 2nd place for the trio (oddly enough, I like Smith's regular battle them more than the boss theme).

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