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  1. So as has been mentioned elsewhere, the soundtrack is pretty rad; would it be possible to release it somewhere, either for sale on Steam or on Youtube/Spotify?
  2. Since I posted the linework for Rook the Mariachi here, I might as well post the colored version. Good enough for me to call it done, though it could use some texturing on the sombrero and poncho.
  3. If the Heshian stuff is psychic, maybe it's related to Lumin/whatever the fancy drink, drink is? (I forget the name, but it's the one that makes people's eyes glow). If so, that'd make an interesting Dune parallel, where instead of space oregano you have space octane. At any rate, Rook's psychic powers would need an alternate source (unless Rook went undercover as a Heshian once and things went off-the-rails). There's the parasites as an option, but what about edge cases where the psychic cards are acquired before the parasite?
  4. Are psychics a thing, and is Rook a low-key psychic? If I'm not mistaken, his art appears on the various "psychic" cards, and he's able to cause people to completely doubt their goals and convictions just by repeatedly flipping a coin (conveniently called the Psychic Coin) mid-conversation.
  5. So for context, me and some friends are starting a tabletop game and for a token for my character I used Rook (assuming there's no issue with it; if so, please correct me) as the basis for a mariachi (with hair! Though I'm not sure about the hair the alternative was ears). So far, I'm just at the general drawing; I should be able to progress more once I figure out the pattern on the sombrero and poncho.