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How about a manual water or gas pump?

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This would allow you to move a bit of stuff before you have your electrical infrastructure installed, or when you don't want to bother.

We have a manual generator, and we have a few other manual things that also have more advanced alternatives.

I considered this while I was preparing, yet again, to move a couple of hundred kilograms of water in order to set up a bathroom loop.

Down-side is that this building is of limited use and would clutter the UI, but there are already buildings in that category.

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Indeed, sometimes I would find myself in need of something like that. But after a second thought I'd say a manual generator and regular pump(without battery if you don't want to waste time&space on building it) will work the same way as a manual pump. Taking the limited usage of a manual pump into consideration I think we don't need to smash more things into the already crowded UI.

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On 6/20/2021 at 11:29 PM, Sasza22 said:

I`d love one for gasses. It`s so annoying to build pipes along half the map to move 5 tiles worth of gas.

I agree with the gas pump idea, also it would be nice if you could empty water bottles & gas bottles straight into their reservoirs; saves me having to build a canal just for that.

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