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Oxygen Not Included- New Earth DLC/Second Game

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Was just thinking today that a cool spin off second game or DLC could be on a post apocalyptic Earth or Earth-like planet! After a global disaster your dups wake up in an underground bunker- OR they have just been living in cavities inside the Earth like the sewer people from Futurama. They decide one day-enough is enough, lets hit the surface.They are on a mission to restore the great planet. You start out A 2D circular layout, center filled with magma/precious metal with a thick crust made of nasty dirt and water. Maybe gems? The outer surface is carbon polluted and offers no protection from solar flares due to the crappy ozone.There is also radiation to deal. The radiation will make your dupes sick, grow extra limbs ?or give super powers in rare cases?

You would start by harvesting plastic from the water that you could use to construct a temporary base. A large layer of the map would be made of water prior to hitting the surface. As you remove the plastic and restore the water biomes cute mutated fish would emerge that you could use as a horrible food source.

Then once you hit the surface you can create either a carbon cleaner or machine that generates electricity with the carbon- maybe you have to find special gems and/or materials from water biomes to create it. As the carbon is depleted from the surface the ozone will be restored. Well, kind of- It will take a lot of careful "green" building to restore the ozone completely AND the more you build the more waste you'll generate.

You can use polluted dirt to make fertilizer to plant trees. The trees offer protection from solar flares, remove carbon and create oxygen- this is how you'll get started on the surface.

Once the ozone is stable enough, you can work on late game tech. Build sun farms, jungle biomes, create carbon eating birds who poop gems, or worms that eat radiation. Maybe find lost relics or encounter crazy mutated Mad Max villagers who raid your supplies/break machines. You'll also have to figure out a way to remove carbon from ocean/desert biomes where trees can't be planted. Just a some ideas. It may also shed awareness on our real life eco-disater-of-a-planet in the making.

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Well according to some of the game lore bits (i guess i should maybe spoiler that)


the game takes place on Earth, or actually a part of it that broke off after an unknown disaster. The planet you see in the background in space is actually Earth. The disaster was likely caused by a failed Gravitas experiment. In one of the animated shorts the dupes send a rocket to that planet but get repelled by a force field. In vanilla Earth was on the starmap but you coudn`t send a rocket there iirc. There is still potential for it to appear in the dlc.

So basically an idea of an post apocaliptic Earth would fit nicely into the game but likely as a space destination, than a starting map. Or maybe a stage 2 after you beat the game once you could get to start on Earth.

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