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so i am trying to attempt a gorge solo run using only the grill and its very rng based and hard to manage i don't know all grill recipes but i know some to fill in gaps what i need are some tips like recipes to fill the dessert category in case i get it to early and other tips for help to balance things out like whats crops i should be growing (excluding wheat i know that) i don't know if there are any pasta oven recipes but if there are thanks in advanced and lastly what character should i choose im thinking wicker but im not too sure. in summary i like pain so i decided to torture myself with this god forsaken challenge (credits go to @IIHexxyII for telling me about this)

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This website should help you out!


There's not many desserts on the grill, and the only desserts on the grill can only be made with items you get in later rounds (Waffles(#44) need syrup, and scones(#67) needs milk). It's best to try to skip it with a fast, and cheap to make recipe; like jelly sandwich(#04), which only requires 2 berries and 1 flour.

Usually, when I play, I try to snipe for flour, tomatoes, and garlic. most of the time, the potatoes (Which are near the king), the mushrooms, and the berries help me with a solo run. While i haven't done a solo grill run tho, it looks like a lot of the recipes rely on garlic, and some potatoes. You might want to also grab some onions if you want. 

Sadly, there are no pasta recipes for the grill. So you have to skip that one with a cheap and fast recipe

The last time i did a solo challenge, it was with Wes, but a lot of characters can do well, such as;

Wx: bonus speed

Maxwell: can multitask better

Warly: gains more money for each dish

Wes: can buy some equipment earlier

Wendy: while most stuff in the grill cooks pretty quickly, the extra speed bonus couldn't hurt

Wicker might work, but would assume that she would fall off in latter rounds, since her books don't re spawn iirc.

Hopes this helps!  




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