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New character maybe for a mod?!

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Well, I don't know if ideias for characters are here, but either way.

I had this ideia of a new "animal" character few months ago and didn't even post it here, but here we are.

she would look like a mixture of all birds with a 'stamp' of BFB, and "sized" as RO BIN.



160 hunger
150 brain
140 health

(sort of average) 

Wilbirb is a character inspired in the birds variety of vanilla + Dlc's and Don't Starve Together, and has a simple complex unique mechanic in the constant.

Lore: Wilbirb is an ancient lost bird, or she said to be, and entered in the constant by mistake when she was flying low and a cloudy smoke caught her insight of a dark shadow, after an explosion in a factory down below. Confused but alive, she got woken up in a different world, and she couldn't understand where she was, therefore didn't know where to find food. Starving and about to die, she was rescued by a bird, not a normal bird, a big friendly bird, but for her sake, this bird ate her and recklessly she thought she would die, now for sure and somehow ended up inside a "house", that was "Charlie's house", she was taken care by Charlie, and never got betrayed(yet). She was treated well and wouldn't mind being locked up all day every day, because she had all kinds of fruits she wanted as only as she wouldn't go to the only window that there was. throughout her caged years, she never wanted to even look through that window and after some time, loong time, she developed the ability to speak at cost of her ability to fly. One day Wilbirb heard a noise outside the "house" and a bit of curiosity wink her mind
Wilbirb claims to be the Grandgranddaughter of BFB and 'Ro bin's' cousin, but only Charlie knows the truth.

Favorite food: stuffed eggplant

Is friend of small creatures
Lighter stomach, faster moves
Is Made of feather, Can't fly though


Enters the constant with:

6 seeds and Clissors (sort of like a nailclip + scissor) that is used to "Shave" her feathers.


Friend of the small ones.

Killing small creatures like
-killer bees
-grumble bee
-fishes(only the small ones, but not eels)
-splumonkeys (but not shadowmonkeys)
-mosquitoes (she deals a hundred damage on hand hit, tho)
-kid beefalos
-kid tallbirds
-mandrake (picking up during dusk or night does not affect)
-grass gekkos

Will lose 50 points of sanity.

-Bonus: killing Gloomer will instantly drop your sanity to 0.

Change of mobs Neutrality.

Wilbirb is neutral to tallbirds (killing one won't reduce your sanity though.)

Normal Bees

Bonus: when fighting Bee Queen she takes 15% more damage as well as deals 15% more damage.

Lighter stomach, faster moves:

Like Wolfgang, wilbirb has a belly mechanic. Wilbirb will increase movement speed in opposite way of hunger points, and has 15% less hunger drain and has 0.8 damage taken by starvation.
Full belly (160) wilbirb has no bonus.
100 points belly will increase M.speed by 5%
60 points belly will increase M.speed by 15% and attack speed by 5%.
20 points or lower will increase M.speed by 25% and attack speed by 10%.
Moreover eating raw seeds will no longer give her hunger, but put to regurgitate. Wilbirb can eat up to 15 seeds at once (and max), and for each 3, she will throw up 1 pile of seeds after 2 days, there will be another "stats" to show how many seeds are, and they be needed to be eaten for the duration of a day, after the 2 days, they would drop it, like the way wilbur poops, and that heals for 10% of her status 16 hunger,15 sanity,14 health). (also, if you only eat 3 seeds for the durations of a day, will only drop a 1 pile the next day, and if you eat 1 or 2 seeds, nothing happens) (max of 5 piles thrown up at once)
This Pile of seed lasts for 3 days "green", 2 days "yellow"(+10 hunger, +5 sanity, +5 health) and 1 day "red"(+1 hunger, +1 sanity, +1 health), then it turns into wet goop.
(DST - if any other characters eat it, will give, if "green", +12 hunger, -15 sanity, + 5 heal/ if yellow, +8 hunger, -20 sanity, 0 health/ if "red" +1 hunger, -50 sanity, 0 health)

Pile of seeds can't be cooked nor thrown in crock pot.
She doesn't eat cooked seeds as well as not eating any kind of raw or cooked morsel, frog legs, drum sticks, turkey dinner, (raw) monster meat, froggles bundwich, fish cordon bleu, butterfly wings (butter is ok), butter muffin, moon moth wings and tallbird egg.
Has a taste for fruit (cooked or raw) though if it's raw, eating it will have a chance to "poop" 1 to 2 non-specific seeds , that can be used to stack up regurgitate.

Can't fly

During each season, Wilbirb will have a different color for her feathers and will grow fuller as days go by.

Black for autumn - jet feather and slighty changing to gray as winter approaches. Like 2 days before and 2 in Winter.
White for winter - azure feather and slighty changing to light yellow as spring approaches. Like 2 days before and 2 in Spring.
Yellow for spring - saffron feather and slighty changing to orange as summer approaches. Like 2 days before and 2 in Summer
Red for summer - crimson feather and slighty changing to dark red as autumn approaches. Like 2 days before and 2 in Autumn.

She has 3 stages of plumage
Stage 0 - normal Wilbirb, few feathers.
Stage 1 - after 5 days will grow more feathers, if "shaved"(with her exclusive item: Clissors) will drop 1 feather of the current season. 
Stage 2 - after 14 days will frow big feathers, if "shaved" will drop 2 feathers of the current season.
Stage 3 - after 23 days will grow more big feathers, and 'unlock' hidden active ability*, if "shaved" will drop 3 feather of the current season.
Stage 4 - after 32 days will grow bigger feathers and an UNIQUE curly orange feather, and hidden ability* improves, if shaved will drop 4 feathers of the season and the 1 special orange feather*.(Only obtained on stage 4, mind you)
Shaving at any given moment will come to stage 0 and After reaching stage 4, it stops growing.

*Hidden active ability.
During stages 3 and 4, Wilbirb can do a short hop and "fly".
Using right click (like wheeler from hamlet) she'll hop further in the air like a short hop-flying, but only allowed to used every 6-ish seconds, her ability improves from Stage 3, that she "flies" only 2 blocks, to stage 4, that she "flies" 4 blocks. Can't be used when hunger reaches 0 points.
Notice: the first frames of "hopping in air, gives a second of immunity, but she flies in the air, so she can still be hit by, for example, sligshots /darts 

Notice2: she can fly over a water/cave gap, but keep in mind that not reaching the land will make her drown and lose items in the water/void.

Opposed to starvation bonus of more M.speed, during rainy days, wetness will decrease her M.speed:
At 20 points of wetness, reduces 5% + 2,5% from each stage, meaning reduces + 10% at stage 4. therefore up to 15%.
At 40 points of wetness, reduces 10% + 2,5% from each stage.meaning reduces + 10% at stage 4. therefore up to 20%.
At 60 points of wetness, reduces 15% + 2,5% from each stage.meaning reduces + 10% at stage 4. therefore up to 25%.
At 80 points of wetness, reduces 25% + 2,5% from each stage.meaning reduces + 10% at stage 4. therefore up to 35%.
At 100 points of wetness, reduces 40% + 2,5% from each stage. Meaning reduces + 10% at stage 4. therefore up to 50%.

Exclusive craft:
Tab clothing>

Recipe: Feather hat and 6 orange feather and 4 bone shards =

Feathorange hat
when equipped, reduces hunger loss by 15%.


PS: if you want to create a mod from this ideia, contact me so I can help with designing and stuff(i don't know modding tho), however, the idea is 'free' to get.

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