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What is the "master_port" for?

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I have master_port in cluster.ini set to 10888 and server_port in server.ini set to 10999 and 10998 in Master and Caves shards respectively. We know when players are contacting my server, they contact directly to the port 10999 and 10998, so what is the "master_port" 10888 for? Is it for the shards conntacting each other, or there're some other functions?

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According to this guide:



  • Overridable in server.ini
  • Default: 10888
  • This is UDP port that the master server will listen on, and that a non-master shard will use when trying to connect to the master shard. This should be set to the same value for all shards by having a single entry in cluster.ini, or omitted completely to use the default. This must be different from the server_port setting on any shard that is running on the same machine as the master shard.



  • Default: 27016
  • Internal port used by steam. Make sure that this is different for each server you run on the same machine.
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