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Pantomined skins showing the outline

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For users to report other users on community ran servers it's common practice to have a screenshot of the person doing the action as backup evidence of wrongdoing for the rules set forth by the server owner.

For example, a person hammering down everything in a base.

If said person is using the pantomined skins then the only thing it shows is that the user is holding a thing, not necessarily what type of thing.


I request that the skins show the outlines like they do when dropped to ease this burden of proof for moderated servers.


In the meantime, server owners may wish to have this ran for your customcommands.lua to disable all pantomined skins:

local GetSkinBuild_old = EntityScript.GetSkinBuild
EntityScript.GetSkinBuild = function(...)
    local s = GetSkinBuild_old(...)
    if s and s:sub(-10) == "_invisible"
        return nil
    return s

It will default to having no skin at all when equipped on a player.

If requested, then I could slap this into a mod to make it easier for server owners to use, though your server will be flagged as modded whereas a customcommands.lua thing doesn't.


Here's a video showing the above script doing its job:

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I agree, but if this happens then there will be backlash. Some people can argue that they bought it for the sole purpose of having it look funny to use nothing.

The only way around this I could imagine is implementing some sort of easily accessed feature in the settings to just disable skins for the client. This would allow them to quickly switch it on and then get the screenshot they need. That being said, you would have a better idea of how easy this would be to do, and with my limited knowledge on programming, I couldn't imagine it being very easy.

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