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I have no beefalos

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I have a bug regarding some animals: no beefalos, nor pigs (the problem do not fix changing the frequency in the option menu).

I run and rambling for many days but they do not appear anywhere.

The game is updated at the last patch (may 18), and I play on Linux Mint. 

Unfortunately in this way the game is not as fun as it could be and is limited.

Does anyone have the same problem? 

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Verify you actually have no beefalo & pigs by pressing tilde ~ to the left of your 1 key to open the console and using these commands



If you hit control to paste them in it'll change the console type, so hit control a second time. If you do both commands correctly and neither teleports you to beefalo or pigs, a mod might be causing the issue and you should try disabling mods.

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