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Vixen's art thread

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Well, since I've seen everyone else do this, might as well make my own art thread! We'll start out with a drawing of a newly throned Maxwell- poor guy hasn't even seen the half of what he's about to go through.

in DARK hell.png

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bringing some new pieces to the table! me and my friend did a sketch trade, so the style seems a bit off. the drawing with maxwell was my piece, while the charlie one was done by cicadayear on tumblr!


last one maybe.png

charlie in the dimension.png

this one was more of a style practice than anything. charlie likes her survivors pathetic and stupid.

you little idiot.png

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45 minutes ago, minespatch said:

This one feels like it could be her as she just entered.

Sorry but I swear these two were connected if it wasn't your intention.:wilson_laugh:They're both nice.

For the first one, yeah, that was my intention! The file name for the original sketch was actually 'have fun in the DIMENSION charlie'. As for the other two, while I didn't intend for them to be connected, I can totally see the connection XD

can you tell i have favorite characters >_>



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2 minutes ago, minespatch said:

So noodly. You should try some background practice in the future.

The scratchy style fits DS pretty well. I like how I can see the difference between the tie and vest.

haha, i'm actually not too bad at backgrounds if i plan the piece around them. this one was just a quick one i doodled to make it look a bit more complete.

i try my best to colorpick so that things stand out! and my style has always been naturally sketchy, so don't starve fits me perfectly. ty!

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not a proper art update, but i thought i should share what i'm working on- storyboards for an animatic of The Mind Electric!https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/826594668552257599/851701347716038666/SPOILER_unknown.png

I have no idea how long it will take, but I wanted to share what to look forward to

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