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I totally love Don't Starve. I loaded it up just to take a peek, thinking I'd get right back to work after checking it out for a minute. And here I am four hours later. Compelling is definitely the word to describe it, I found myself engrossed like I get with Minecraft or Dwarf Fortress.The most fun for me was discovery. I died right away (what - it gets dark?), then again (what do you mean I can't survive by eating flower petals?), then again (huh, turns out those pigs fight back). I was excited to start out fresh again knowing more each time. Figuring out which resources grow back, discovering how to trap a rabbit, and seeing the pigs light their fire for the first time were great experiences. I hope you're planning to add a lot more!

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Kevin    3947

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! If you like what you see now, you're going to love what we have in the pipeline. I should get Alex (our artist) to post some sneak peeks of the upcoming characters. My favourite is the mighty Deerclops.Just out of curiosity, how did you discover the game?

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