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New metheus puzzle, and where klei will be hiding their secrets.

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So you know klei has a discord right? Klei has an official discord, however people are being distracted by klei's new video. People aren't paying attention to the official klei discord since ALOT of hidden lore could just be there. I bet in the following week they are gonna add a lot of lore into the official discord. And if we aren't paying attention then we are gonna miss it. 

Also tomorrow is the release date of the update which means a new puzzle. This new puzzle is definitely gonna be metheus related since if you go into the description you will be able to find something secret. This new puzzle might be 2 player related but idk. And it will definitely will contain lore itself. HOWEVER in order to access it we might need to go into the klei discord to find clues and answers to this puzzle.

Also if you wanna join the official discord then here you go:  https://discord.gg/klei

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