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Me and a comrade on Discord, formally known as WormiestWood, came up with an...interesting character idea, while discussing a potential Lost-like character for DST. Without further ado, we introduce...

Wispy, "The Sol"
1 HP 125 Hunger 175 Sanity 
-Is fragile, but shielded (negates one hit per 6 seconds, 3 during day, full moon, or lunar island)
-Suffers from lunacy (no sanity, neutral gestalts)
-Has a bright personality (small light and sanity aura at high sanity, faster sanity loss in the dark)
-Is incorporeal (revival with a heart is automatic, but reviver needs to stand near the ghost and sacrifice 80 sanity instead of health)

"Wispy isn't quite sure what it's doing here. It feels like it just woke up, like it was different from the other gestalts. While the others basked in the moonlight, Wispy seemed to enjoy the sun as well. Whatever the case, Wispy is curious about life outside of the lunar island. Even if its very being will shatter if struck, it knows the moon's glow will always protect it."


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