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Spot things wrong with my industrial section plz

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18 hours ago, giygus said:

 I never even powered up the plastic makers.  Didn't realize the steam would want a pipe, just thought it would spray out like the polluted water everything   else generates.  Unsure how much heat the machines will put out.  Working idea right now is rejigger the forge coolant loop to take care of them.

Actually the polymer press outputs CO2 through the pipe. The steam gets vented around it as well. Those things really overheat fast so most people put liquids around to cool them easily. I found that putting them in old hydrogen actually allows them to work with 100% uptime as long as the hydrogen remains cold (like in the surface biome in the dlc).

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On 4/30/2021 at 4:00 PM, Sasza22 said:

The steam gets vented around it as well.

Steam gets vented if the press has the chance to produce the plastic. If, for example, you "mismanaged" the press and produced naphta only "by accident" then steam will accumulate inside the polymer press.

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