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Xbox Series X/S Dont Starve Together

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Okay so I recently got a new console and wanted to post this to help aid others who have been filing bug reports about being unable to claim log in gifts or join their worlds.

In some cases this may actually be a bug, but in my experience it’s more a problem with the new console then it is the game itself.

The Series X/S has a feature that fast loads your games basically picking up where you left off, With DST it Dumbfounds Klei’s Servers.. it can’t log you into the game because you technically never signed out from your last play session (even if you go play like 7 other games, turn the console on/off and then come back to DST)

To fix this you need to hit the glowing Xbox button on your controller, scroll down to DST and press your 3 bars button to open up game options, then scroll all the way down to Quit. This closes the game completely instead of holding it in the suspended fast loading state.

Once you do that it should work again.

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I didn't know this for like the whole month of January so I missed about a month of daily logins because if you load into the menu it won't mess up the servers but u get no reward. The feature is a blessing and a curse it seems

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