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  1. Thx. I'm currently waiting for the storm to move because I realized doing it in a forest was near to impossible. I will however try night armor
  2. Maybe it's because I'm dumb but it seems hard to solo this thing with birds attacking everywhere and trying to figure out which piece is which. Any tips or am I just dumb
  3. I feel like the gameplay aspect would've been better if the foundation for boat controls were better and there was more rewarding loot to be offered. Boating can be slow and janky for the most part and there isn't that many useful items. I mean crab king doesn't drop anything useful, malbatross(which is a pain to find and farm) only drops stuff for your boat and the champions crown is cool but for all you have to do for it might not even be worth it. The best thing we go out of RoT imo was the farm rework
  4. Ironic the one that has the least update with ocean is considered the best
  5. I'm still wondering what the advantage is. I'm in console so I can't really test but if somebody knows the advantage I'd be appreciative to share the info.
  6. I didn't know this for like the whole month of January so I missed about a month of daily logins because if you load into the menu it won't mess up the servers but u get no reward. The feature is a blessing and a curse it seems
  7. I personally would love to see some skins for the bee queen hat or moggles
  8. Can somebody show what the new wurt expression looks like
  9. I dont think it needs to be worse. As I read from ur other posts(correct me if I'm wrong) you dont really care about fighting optional bosses. Which from that mindset this idea of urs sounds a little less crazy. But using this against bee queen is foolish. Many people care about fighting bee queen and would make the fight impossible. As some1 said, she already does 22 dmg which is alot for having 130 hp. And no, switching characters for the fight is bad because that basically says his downside is so extreme that its impossible for him to be able to fight bee queen. Every character needs to be able to go through challenges in their own way Also when will this patch hit xbox. I'm dying to use those woby speed changes
  10. He's righr my old worlds only work in public and local but not friendly
  11. Yea im having the same problem too