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  1. if u read u would see that it deleted mid reroll so I couldnt do anything. So yes i had revives thats not really the point here... Im with my friends on a new one rn
  2. I'm sadly on console so I wouldnt be able to do that but it's good that there is technically a way to get your worlds back
  3. Yes that would be a nice feature. I just need to hurry and get myself situated on a new world in time for the update.
  4. This isnt a vent or anything I just need to tell somebody atm. So was fighting fuelweaver a couple times with my friend so we could kill it for the first time since we been avoiding him. So I reroll and we come to a character select screen. Then that's when I realize my my 610 day world just got deleted. I'm not upset now but I prob will be when I wake up. Can't believe that just happened
  5. Right now I would like it if the devs focus on content. Sure quality of life updates and character refreshes are great, but I feel like it would be more interesting and lasting if they focused on content for a bit. And maybe even expanded upon old content. Ex: Its probably at a point where they can start expanding the story of RoT and I really want to see how the celestial tribute does and what its importance is. As for expanding content maybe something small like drops. There are some bosses which lot is really subpar or not useful at all. Mainly malbatross(maybe its beak can do more?), toadstool(infinite glowcap light would be nice as maybe some interesting changes to a new craftable with the skin?), Crab King(I really liked this one idea I saw a while ago where he can drop a crown where you insert gems that give you different effects and it could be repaired using moon stone). Those are just some examples of what I would like to see most.
  6. Idk why everyone holds klei so tightly against thos rework. Clearly they learned what to do and what not to do with reworks such as wendy and willow. I think they know what they r doing. And they r known for taking feedback on reworks rather quickly
  7. I think a cool concept for this is to have a cave entrance on the lunar island but the only way you could enter is if you had to make this pickaxe that was only craftable with the celestial tribute. And within those caves could be maybe lore stuff about them or more end game items. Idk just a thought
  8. Sounds cool but it would be weird if you based in the middle of the constant and waves came out of nowhere. I think it would be more logical to add an item that makes it rain. Don't get me wrong the wave sounds really cool but the travel time and the effects could lead to problems
  9. I hope we don't have to wait that long
  10. I know that I said i wish they had done more with it in the previous RoT update but they did other stuff
  11. Not exactly. Lemme start over. I wish some of the things from the bosses(aka crab king) were worth the trip. I remember reading somewhere about how the crab king could drop a crown that could be repaired with moon stone and it did cool stuff(I forgot the cool stuff but it was something unique to its own. And for the sunken treasure I feel like it would be more interesting if there was items that were related to the RoT that were exclusivly only found in the sunken treasure. Like sure gears, gems,thulicite are all very nice things but why bother going to sea when all I have to do is go to ruins. It just adds another way to get those items. If it were unique items like er idk water boots that let you walk on water (that was a terrible idea but I have nothing in mind). It doesn't have to be overly powerful but at the least it should be unique to the RoT. Now bosses however, I feel like they should have more interesting items instead of stuff that makes sailing easier. The malbatross sail is ok since its an easy boss but I feel like the beak should have a more added functionality. The crab king drops are horrendously bad. The strident trident isnt even all that useful. Maybe it will with more bosses in the ocean with spell damage but for now its useless. Nobody needs more bell shells and the tribute does nothing atm and I was very disappointed that nothing was done with it in the latest update. Hopefully it is expanded upon in the next. TDLR; I wish RoT loot was exclusive and worth the trip to get the stuff
  12. At first it seemed interesting but now it just seems meh or bad. I feel like it would be better if the loot was unique that rivals ruins
  13. Can somebody show what the new wurt expression looks like
  14. I dont think it needs to be worse. As I read from ur other posts(correct me if I'm wrong) you dont really care about fighting optional bosses. Which from that mindset this idea of urs sounds a little less crazy. But using this against bee queen is foolish. Many people care about fighting bee queen and would make the fight impossible. As some1 said, she already does 22 dmg which is alot for having 130 hp. And no, switching characters for the fight is bad because that basically says his downside is so extreme that its impossible for him to be able to fight bee queen. Every character needs to be able to go through challenges in their own way Also when will this patch hit xbox. I'm dying to use those woby speed changes