Friendly Grass

The day I learned rockjaws' infinite damage potential

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Friendly Grass    414

I was fishing on my boat with Chester when a rockjaw showed itself. Thankfully, I had left my beefalo safe at shore. The rockjaw hopped on my boat. It used it's triple chomp attack against Chester. And then preceded to repeat this this triple chomp attack FIVE MORE TIMES consecutively for a total of 18 attacks at once for 540 damage. Shadow Chester dropped dead on the spot.

And then I had a conversation with some people and Electroely informed me about rockjaw mechanics. That each time it does it's triple chomp attack, they have a 30% chance to repeat it. No limit. It's posssible for them to just never stop attacking.

Isn't this going a bit too far?

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That rockjaw woke up and chose violence, it was out for blood and I dont think it will stop at nothing to achieve it's goal

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