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can we get a module that just increases speed of a rocket?  maybe reduce weight or something if it's too much or bring back the solid booster to speed things up

with the new restriction on the testing branch being height instead of module count, the next thing for me is how fast and reliable can i shoot rockets around.  if i want faster rockets, i have to use the late game ones with high engine power such as petrol, hydrogen, or radbolt.  if i want to transport any one large cargo module, the fastest option is the radbolt engine for 2.1 tiles / cycle, the co2 engine gets 1.7 tiles/cycle, and hydrogen gets 1.8 tiles/cycle.  i can have more cargo modules but i just want them to move fast, reliably.  the hydrogen rocket can move upto 4 large cargo modules and go 1.1 tiles/cycle but i'm looking for speed here.

the winner is the radbolt engine for me but only goes 0.4 tiles/cycle faster so about 25% faster than the co2 engine, the first engine available

could we get a module to increase speed somehow?  the furthest i'd travel is 6 tiles, 1st one is free with orbit so i'm looking at 5 tiles, that's a 2.5 cycle trip which i'd love to get it shorter so i can have a slimmer habitat module.  like a module that would add 10-20 engine power for a small cost per tile such as with the solid booster or increased the engine fuel consumption

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Once the rocket speed module is installed, the player can activate "Warp speed" with the rocket.

Activating warp requires a certain amount of stored electric energy in the rocket, doubles the fuel consumption and makes the dupes dizzy for the duration of "the entire trip".


Caturday Warp Speed Inspiration Bonus Track



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