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returnofthembeta not working on Linux

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I'm trying to install the Return of Them beta on linux, and it won't install. The steamcmd I'm using is

steamcmd +force_install_dir ~/.dontstarvetogether_dedicated_server_beta +login anonymous +app_update 343050 -beta returnofthembeta +quit

but I'm only seeing version 458972 rather than 460309. Steamcmd simply reports that the app is already up-to-date and exits without doing anything.

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Sometimes switching between beta and non-beta branches is quite buggy if you use the same directory.

I'd recommend to install the beta version in it's own directory by adding the following parameter to your update script for the beta branch:

+force_install_dir <your beta directory>

And then just create another launch script to start the beta servers.

Also has the nice side effect that switching back to the stable branch doesn't require any additional work, and instead is just simply done by updating the stable server and launching the stable server scripts.

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